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You’ve been searching for the right partner to develop your business website, and frustrated by the highly-priced options out there. Or perhaps you decided that maybe you could build your own website, but after a few painful attempts and experiences, you realized that you need help.

Take a deep breath. You’ve arrived at the right place.

From your first moment working with BIPi, you will be treated to service that starts with listening to you as a person and as a business owner. We have crafted a strategy to empower your success, not hold you back. When you connect with BIPi, our team uses a tried-and-true process that begins with listening to you and ends with collaboratively crafting the best site for your business success.

Your business journey with BIPi can lead to great things!

Our awesome clients tell us that partnering with us is one of the wisest choices they have made for their business. Whether you are starting a new business, taking your existing business in a new direction, or looking for more support as you grow, the BIPi experience is an opportunity to take a deep breath and focus on what matters most for your business and your website.

What You Get With BIPi

Authentic human interactions with someone who cares about your business
Account managers who take the time to listen to your challenges and create solutions
Business centered in the US to reflect your time zones
Minimalist, thoughtful approaches to your opportunities, problems and solutions
Compassionate problem-solving that starts with listening to you and your needs

What you get from other website providers

Chatbot interactions that lead to calls from marketers who are aggressively pushing their own sales
“Tech shaming” for what you don’t know, along with fast-talking, confusing explanations
Outsourced, noisy-background call centers
Overwhelming pushes for other products and services you don’t need or want
“Read it yourself” support that is overwhelming and unclear

Your website and the BIPi approach

Your website deserves the best care and feeding, and the BIPi approach for website success ensures a smooth start to every project:

an icon-style raspberry with brick red fruit and green leaves, symbolizing Berry Interesting Productions, Inc.Purposeful vision and collaboration.

When you start your project with BIPi, we connect you with the right people on our team or in our trusted specialist community. Our goal is to listen carefully the first time, document your business needs, and make sure you are comfortable with the next steps.

an icon-style raspberry with brick red fruit and green leaves, symbolizing Berry Interesting Productions, Inc.Designing the best solution.

Together, we craft a solution that meets your business needs. We use state-of-the-art design tools and technology for maximum flexibility and reliability. As joint collaborators, we will make your website an authentic representation of your brand and your business. Interactive online tools, social media, and dynamic content round out the information on your website. Throughout the process, we will communicate clearly about our progress and ask for your input in the development.

an icon-style raspberry with brick red fruit and green leaves, symbolizing Berry Interesting Productions, Inc.Training your team.

Whether you have a full team or this is a one-person business offering, BIPi ensures your long-term success by providing customized training for your website. Like you, our clients really appreciate having an “insider tour” of their new website. You and your team will practice using all of the functionality that we built into your website.

an icon-style raspberry with brick red fruit and green leaves, symbolizing Berry Interesting Productions, Inc.Empowering long-term success.

Once your website is complete, we will meet with you to determine the next steps. Whether it’s making sure you know how to maintain your site yourself, having our team continue the work, or combining the two, BIPi is here to help you succeed!

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