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When it comes to websites, there are so many details that need attention.

You have run across some of them before, like HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, SEO, CTA, GIF, CMS, KPI, and LMS. You may even know what some (or all) of these terms mean and how they might be applied to your website.

Here’s the big secret to having a great website: You don’t have to know everything.

Developing a presence online shouldn’t be about knowing all of the technology… it should be about you and your business. BIPi’s All-in-one Greenhouse acts as your web development team, for worry-free business growth.

What is the BIPi Greenhouse?

The All-in-One BIPi Greenhouse is the perfect place
for your business to sprout, grow, and thrive.

Over the years of working with clients (we opened our doors in 2006!), the team here at BIPi realized that one of the biggest challenges facing new businesses was “decision overwhelm.”

We created the BIPi Greenhouse to help our clients with the toughest part of website ownership – the thing that we do best: managing all the details of your web presence.

The All-in-One BIPi Greenhouse keeps your business protected.

You know the things that can disrupt your business, like employee turnover, lost design files, website hosting vendors that disappear, or even marketing teams that go out of business.

What about hackers that want to deface your site, or SPAM comments that invade your post comments?

The BIPi suite of Greenhouse services is designed to keep your site running smoothly and safely, using a suite of protection tools and processes.

The All-in-One BIPi Greenhouse helps you reach your customers, build your business, and expand your dreams.

Our clients tell us that the BIPi Greenhouse gives them “website peace of mind” because they have an experienced support team ready to turn their business dreams and goals into a functioning web strategy.

One of the best things about the BIPi Greenhouse is that it actually limits costs by providing a clear deliverable customized to your business needs.

With a single monthly fee, we bring the right tools to your business goals.

You can finally relax, knowing that your website will be exactly what you and your customers need.

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How does the Greenhouse work?

By joining the BIPi Greenhouse family, you see the benefits from the first day. We assess your existing website (if any), work to understand your business goals, and collaborate with you, create a set of goals, and even provide training to ensure your long-term success.

How long will it take?

It takes about a month to craft your site with the right mix of technology and skill. We start with your existing branding, and then create a custom website of up to 10 pages. No branding? No problem! We can develop a branding guide for you, and even help you find the right graphic artist to design your branding illustrations.

We manage the details.


You will be thrilled with the results, because your website will be a reflection of your ideas and your vision.


We can use your content, your graphics, and your photos, or we can blend our resources with yours.


Your site will also be designed with future growth in mind, including page templates, blog posting functionality, and a contact form to collect new customer information.


We even make sure your site has additional security and is connected to Google Analytics, a tool that measures when, how, and how often people view your new website.

Here’s what you get as an All-in-One BIPi greenhouse member:

  • A fully functional, self-hosted website
  • Up to 10 custom-crafted web pages for publishing writing and images
  • Drag-and-drop page editor
  • Blogging tool and templates for publishing to your audience
  • Customized contact form for building an email list
  • On-site search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Basic SSL certification
  • Software updates and security reviews twice a month
  • Nightly backups to prevent data loss
  • Performance monitoring to ensure website uptime
  • Software licensing for website longevity
  • Analytics reports (upon request)
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How do I join the BIPi Greenhouse?

Every All-in-One BIPi Greenhouse member gets deluxe, “white glove” services.

When you apply for the BIPi Greenhouse, you are requesting access to our elite group of clients. Whether you are just starting out or want to redesign your existing strategy, the BIPi Greenhouse is the perfect partner to increase your web presence and your business.

To join the BIPi Greenhouse, you can apply below.

We will reach out to you and confirm your application details. Since this is a custom development program for a select number of clients, the BIPi Greenhouse is one of our most creative endeavors, and we only accept a limited number of members each month. We’ll talk about your business plans and goals, to make sure the BIPi Greenhouse is the right growth environment for you!

All-in-One BIPi Greenhouse Pricing

A BIPi Greenhouse site development is similar to leasing an apartment.

We charge a flat monthly fee of $399, with a one-year commitment. We work closely at the beginning to ensure your website is developed and delivered promptly. Once your site is up and running, we work together to bring people to your site. In the last month of the BIPi Greenhouse process, we work with you to help move to one of our support plans, or you can take over full ownership of your site.

This is an easy choice! While you may choose the BIPi Greenhouse plan to quickly take your business from idea to mature enterprise, you’ll find that we will build a partnership that you will want to continue. As your trusted website partner, our goal is to ensure the foundation for success through careful decision-making and planning wisely with every action.

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