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Your website is your interactive business card and storefront, and your customers want to find you.

While it may seem as simple as a quick google search, getting your website onto your customers’ screens at the right time is a complex process that BIPi loves to sort out.

We can help you find and attract the right people to your website, and then help you connect with them. You will have what it takes to create your own community and a squad of supportive fans!

Your business needs are a special blend of your ideas, your customer needs, and your inventive approach to solve problems. With our experience and variety of clients, we have lots of ways to create service “hybrids” to come up with the right support package to address your specific needs.

Business Development Services

It’s time for your ideas to shine.
Some glitter would be nice, too!

Creating, running, and maintaining a business requires attention to detail, but which details?

Many of our clients need help developing their business ideas to be profitable, sustainable, and successful. If you are trying to figure out the right steps to build your business online, you’re not alone! With BIPi business services, we will work together to define what will make you successful, both on your website and in your business.

Your unique business will thrive with attention to all of the right details:

Develop your brand
Solidify your reputation and influence
Design customer interaction sequences from welcome to sale
Define interactions with your target audience
Set up your online presence to reflect your mission and values
Strategize to create repeated customer excitement

Marketing Services

You have a tested business idea, and you want to share it with the world.
It’s time to turn up the marketing!

You’ll love the way we bring customers to your website through social media, direct marketing, and audience participation.

We can help clear away your marketing stress. In business, you know that bringing customers in the door or to your website is a big task. You’ve also seen the emphasis on online marketing through targeted customer ads, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, and email or blogging business growth.

Like you, our clients need non-jargon conversations to make clear business decisions:

Do your customers do most of their shopping online or in a store?
Do your customers make their purchases with their phone more than a tablet or computer?
How do you create an email marketing strategy that works?
What reports will show me what I need to know to make decisions?
How can I use my website to keep my customers engaged?

Support Services

Website availability is a key ingredient to connecting to your customers.

Just ask anyone who wants to take an online, recorded yoga class at 2:00AM from their favorite studio’s website. Whether you need to process orders, make blog posts, or accept payments 24×7, BIPi is here to keep your website and your customers happy and growing.Your support services “mix” will be tailored to your business goals.


Accessibility Audits and Remediations

To ensure all of your clients can use your WordPress site, whether through assistive technologies or screen reading tools

Business Services Productivity and Automation

With the creation, configuration, and management of productivity tools (our current favorite is G Suite by Google Cloud)

Email Marketing Management

Including developing specific campaigns and approaches that will reach and retain your customers

Social Media Management and Interactions

To help you actively participate in online conversations with your customers and bring those conversations into the real world


SEO Strategies

 That make your website a great choice for search engines and bring customers back for repeat visits to your site


Perodic Focused Coaching

To check in with your team, strategize your next online business steps together, and provide support

When you join the BIPi Community, you will get just what your business needs to thrive. Give us a shout. We’re ready to help you succeed!

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We’ll grow your website from a little idea seedling into a healthy, hearty plant. With your unique plans and our attention to detail, together we’ll make the growing conditions just right!

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